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Title: Metaverse
Kradam. NC-17. From the M&D universe.
Disclaimer: Don't know these people. Never happened.

"Oh my fucking Ra."

"What?" Kris asked as he walked into the living room just returned from his run, his small sweaty face frowning a little as he glanced over at Adam sitting on the couch with his laptop.

"Ugh don't do that, you're all slimy," Adam said with a face after Kris came up to him and kissed his cheek, to which Kris smiled, then said as he pulled off his sweat-damp t-shirt "That's funny, I don't remember you having a problem with that before."

"Shut up. And oh shit are you really going to do a striptease right now?" Adam said as he stared at Kris's gleaming bare chest.

"No but what were you Oh my Ra-ing about when I came in," Kris asked, ignoring Adam's question but seeming to flex his pecs with a teasing expression on his face, that little shit.

"I'm afraid that that information is not appropriate for young viewers," Adam muttered in reply as Kris sat down next to him and tried to peer at Adam's laptop. "And you're going to make the couch all sweaty," Adam added, tilting the laptop away from Kris's view, "so you'd better get your ass into the shower or something."

But it was too late: because he saw Kris's eyes widen into something like WTF as he scanned the contents of the screen, before his cheeks began to flush cherry red and he mumbled "What the heck? Did you write that?"

"Fuck no," Adam replied, shaking his head with resignation. "But it seems as though there are people out there who do."

"What? What do you mean?" Kris asked as he craned his neck to try to peek at the laptop screen again.

"I mean, Kristopher, that people are writing fanfic about us."

"Fanfic? What's that?"

"You know, porn," Adam said with wry amusement. "Like, people write stories about us fucking or whatever."


"Ex-act-ly," Adam sang, laughing a little now at Kris's shocked expression.

"But--but where did you get that?"

"Oh, somebody tweeted the link to me," Adam shrugged as he glanced at his laptop again. "I guess they thought I'd appreciate it or something. But don't worry," Adam added when he saw Kris crumple his t-shirt in his hands and throw it on the floor. "I mean that's just what people do nowadays. Everybody ships everything anymore, and really, you haven't made it until somebody writes fanfic about you."


"You know. Pair. I guess there are people who are way turned on by the idea of you and me, poor things," Adam said with a smile. "Not that I blame them."

"But isn't that kind of....creepy?"

"You don't say," Adam replied with a snort. "At least they have good taste though."

Kris had nothing to say to that in reply though, merely furrowed his brow as he stared down at his discarded t-shirt and chewed on his bottom lip, to which Adam sighed a little, then said "See, that's why I didn't want to show it to you, since I knew you'd get all freaked out about it."

"I'm not 'freaked out'."

"Okay then. And anyway it's not so bad, this one is just about us giving each other blowjobs in a bathroom or something."

"'This one'? You mean there are more?"

"Oh just never mind," Adam said, rolling his eyes as he shut his laptop firmly closed. "How was your run?" Adam added, staring at the rivulets of sweat running down Kris's chest--Adam would never bring himself to do something as smelly and boring and painful as jogging, but he sure didn't mind it if Kris did, especially given the results of such endeavors.

"It was good," Kris shrugged, leaning back on the couch and kicking his shoes off with his toes. "Made five miles today, which I haven't done since before I moved out here."

"Ugh," Adam groaned, then shook his head. "Five miles? What a total nightmare."

"You should try it one time," Kris replied to him with a smile as he reached down to the floor to retrieve his shirt, then wipe his brow with it. "Makes you feel good, you know? And it keeps you fit."

"'Fit'? What are you trying to say?" Adam asked, feeling his hackles raise slightly despite himself.

"I'm not trying to say anything, sheesh," Kris replied, rolling his eyes. "I'm just saying that running does good things, that's all."

"No thanks. God, can you just imagine me in those tacky-type running shoes and all that? I don't think so."

At this though Kris sort of pressed his lips together through his grin, to which Adam irritably shoved him on the arm and said "Don't even say it. I got enough shit about that Michelin Man shit from everybody else as it is."

"Well if you ever change your mind let me know, and I'll take you running with me sometime," Kris said then, leaning his sweaty head against Adam's shoulder. "It would be fun, I think, to have you out there with me."

And even though Kris was getting his sweat all over Adam's nice shirt Adam found he didn't mind, and instead drew his arm around Kris's neck and hugged him close like the little pup that he was.

"Maybe you can take a shower with me," Kris said in a low voice after they sat there like that for a time and Adam ran his other hand up Kris's bare thigh.

"That's something I definitely could see myself doing," Adam murmured in reply, dipping his fingers beneath the leg of Kris's shorts and teasing them up toward Kris's sweaty crotch.

And if Kris had ever felt any momentary disgust about Adam's slight belly or other things Adam would never have known it, not by the way Kris pressed his naked form against Adam beneath the shower and crooned in that deep dark voice of his all about "So nice, so good" as he ran his hands up and down Adam's spine and stood on his tiptoes to slide his erection along Adam's own; and while Kris never ever could bring himself to use sexual language even in the throes of their most primal acts, his voice sure had a way of making the sweetest things sound downright NC-17, especially when his dark eyes were almost sleepy-looking with lust and his lips were red and slack with need so that during such times when he said things to you like "So good" you almost came right then and there before anything happened.

Particularly now, when Kris's lashes were heavy with water drops and his cheeks were flushed from the heat of the shower and his tongue was sort of sticking out a little as he gazed up into Adam's face in that special way so that Adam had no other recourse except to lean down and kiss that needy mouth, run his hands down that perfect spine and clench that magical ass that belonged on the pages of the best porn websites but thankfully was Adam's own and his only; and it was really difficult not to take Kris swift rough and hard right there in the shower, but Adam defied even Kris's precious Jesus to turn the other cheek when presented with the glory of that gorgeous boy leaned over and parted just for you like miracles did happen after all, and all the dirty things that you sang about in your songs were actually true.

However it was also times like this when, after the "shower" was over and Kris sleepy-smiled Adam into bed so that they could curl up together naked and still wet beneath the sheets and draw their arms around each other's necks, that Adam thought that the syrup-sweet songs one sang could also be true as well: songs about forever and perfection, all the things that those anonymous, sad-eyed girls wrote about in their fan fictions but which Adam hoped they would get to experience themselves one day, even as they spun fantasies about lives other than theirs which were perhaps more true in some ways than those mysterious little witches could ever themselves believe.

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