March 21st, 2011

Blue Angel

Title: Blue Angel
Kradam. NC-17. From the M&D universe.
Disclaimer: Don't know these people. Never happened.
Note: For [info]lolitaray. This was her prompt. :D

"Sometimes I think I'm too boring for him."

"Say what?"

Saturday afternoon in Kris and Adam's studio, where J-dogg Gabriel Martinez had invited himself over to record some "beats" while Adam was in New York, a favor which J-dogg had provided a "thank-you" gift in return and which they broke into after Kris had recorded J-dogg rapping and scratching across about five songs filled with so much reverb and compression that J-dogg's voice didn't sound even human anymore, but more like an East LA robot.
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However after they'd got good and "skunked" enough to where J-dogg was able to convince Kris to record some beats himself ("Haw haw I never thought I'd ever hear you sing no Kanye you little white-boy bitch, oh my Lord" J-dogg had cackled in approval) they flopped down on the studio couch together as Kris snorted and giggled about nothing in particular and J-dogg patted his head and said "Damn boy, you are hiiii-iiiigh."

"Shit yes, biyoch," Kris answered with what felt to be a stupid grin, which set J-dogg cackling all over again as he said "Damn dude, if only HBIC could see ya now."

"Yeah," Kris shrugged in reply, his smile suddenly dying as he reached out to pick a thread in the hole of his worn jeans.

"What?" J-dogg said to that, frowning a little as he tried to peer into Kris's face with his glassy, red-rimmed eyes.

"Nothing," Kris shrugged again, biting his lip. "Just that--Well. Sometimes I think I'm too boring for him."

"Say what?"

"Just that....well," Kris continued sort of sheepishly. "It's like Brad was kind enough to tell me the other day about all the things him and Adam used to get up to--in three-D detail, you know," Kris added with a sneer. "And....And well it got me thinking that....I don't know."

"Why, 'cause you don't wear feathers and shit all day?" J-dogg asked next, taking Kris's hand. "Dude that just ain't your style, dude. And for reals, it sure don't seem to me that ol' HBIC finds ya boring atall."

"No but I also mean...I don't know," Kris said, feeling his face blush a little. "I mean I think I'm sort of too....vanilla or something."

"Ya mean in bed?" J-dogg asked with a smile. "Well I wouldn't know personally a course, 'cept for that one time when I walked in on y'all in your room back when you still lived with me and I seen ol' HBIC had the kinda expression on his face like a man whose dick done died and gone to heaven."

"Shit," Kris said, shaking his head with a smirk. "That was so bad of you."

"But for reals dude," J-dogg said now. "If you really worried about it that much you should like try to spice things up or something, though I doubt you need to."

"Yeah but like how?" Kris asked, leaning back against J-dogg's shoulder. "I'm just no good at that stuff, you know?"

"Well when's he coming back home?" sears credit card

"Tomorrow night."

"Alright then," J-dogg said, his eyes twinkling merrily as Kris could almost hear the gears turning in his head. "This is what you need to do."

But after J-dogg described to Kris J-dogg's plan for him Kris sort of frowned, and said "How am I supposed to do all that though? I'd feel foolish."

"Ya won't if you got some a this here to get you in the right mood," J-dogg smiled in return as he pointed to the baggie on the couch. "I'll leave the rest a that with you so's that you can make yourself all sexy and hot for your HBIC. And you can tell HBIC You're welcome for me, alright?" J-dogg added with a laugh. "Now, you got any Cheez-It's around here? I'm fucking starved...."


After the shitty-ass flight from New York and the ass-long traffic-filled drive from LAX to Brentwood, all Adam Lambert wanted when he got home was a quiet drink, something to eat, somebody to fuck, and to sleep, not necessarily in that order.

So when he stepped into the house that night feeling like he'd just been dragged through the Devil's toothed anus, he was sure he was hallucinating things when he thought he heard dance music coming from somewhere in the house--and not any dance music either, but his own music, turned up high with the bass bumping deep and for a moment he just stood there at the front door thinking WTH before he called out at last "Kris?"

When there was no answer however he closed the door behind him, stepped into the foyer, then into the living room, where uncharacteristically there was no Kris waiting there to greet him with a warm smile and a hot dinner, which was when the WTH grew into WTF as Adam turned his feet toward where he thought the source of music was, which seemed to be upstairs.

However it wasn't until he reached the bedroom door and opened it that the WTF grew into Oh my fucking Ra when a wave of music blasted him in the face, and he saw, sitting on the bed, in the shadows of a blue light coming from somewhere, a--

--an angel.

An angel: a little shimmering, barely-dressed imp, whose black wings spread out from him with wicked promise, and whose little face smiled impishly at Adam like wet dreams come true.

But before Adam could even find words to comment on such a visitation, the little angel suddenly stood up, and stepped toward Adam close enough to where the light coming in from the bedroom door illuminated the glittery skin and the kohl-lined dark eyes that were familiar enough to Adam, but held within them a determined sultriness that Adam had never imagined seeing in that little face: a calculated knowingness that nearly took Adam's breath away before, unbelievably, the imp began to dance--dance!--to the music (Adam's own music, oh my fuck), and for a second Adam thought that he'd walked into the wrong house, walked into the wrong life and that somehow he was still back in 2007.

But Brad had never had that special, heartbreaking innocence to him like this one did, as the little imp twirled and snaked for Adam in the most seductive way (how in the fuck did he learn to dance like that?), before he shimmied up to Adam to take Adam's face in his hands, and stand on his tiptoes to kiss Adam like a whore.

It was only when Kris wrapped one glitter-streaked leg around Adam's waist and ground his crotch into Adam's own that Adam finally released a helpless groan, because there was no fucking way in hell this was happening, no fucking way, Adam thought weakly as he felt the little imp's hand run down his chest to caress Adam's by-now throbbing cock; and then there was that wicked smile again, that lopsided smile that told Adam this little one knew everything about him, knew what lived in the corners of Adam's dreams and had decided to make them manifest and yes, yes, he was going down now, falling to the floor and freeing Adam from the tightness of his jeans so that Adam got to witness within the cool blue shadows a perfect angel face taking Adam into his mouth as though Adam were a god, a vision that belonged on a fresco in a church of the sacred damned. But before Adam could weep at the sight of it and come like the Flood, the little angel drew away, smiled at Adam, and then turned round on his knees to present to Adam an offering that was a thousand times better than what the Snake had ever promised the Original Adam--and just like the Original Adam, Just Adam sunk down on his own knees, and bit deep into that ripe delicious temptation.

Kris was more than ready for him, evil boy, and really it was all Adam could do to hold back long enough to where he saw that perfect spine arch as Adam got Kris good, and hear Kris's voice make that sound that never failed to send shivers through Adam's blood when Kris lost himself, and Adam lost himself too, falling now onto Kris's back as Kris's wings folded, and they collapsed together on the floor, Adam still inside Kris, and Adam's own voice still singing somewhere outside of them, over and over and over again.

"So, um," Adam said after a time over the music when their breathing grew steady at last, and Adam sat up a little to remove the wings from Kris's back so that he could curl Kris up in his arms and lay that tousled head on his shoulder. "So, um....Hi?"

"Hi," Kris replied with a sleepy smile, his eyes still traced with that impishness through the black liner.

"So, um," Adam said next, staring down at Kris's face and running a thumb over Kris's glittery cheek. "Not that I'm complaining, but....I mean, so what was all this for again?"

"I don't know," Kris shrugged as he drew his arm around Adam's waist. "Just wanted to mix it up a little, I guess."

"'A little'," Adam said, rolling his eyes. "Oh my Ra. I was sure I was having a heart attack or something."

"That bad, huh?" Kris asked with a grin, to which Adam sighed, shook his head, and said "Yeah, it was the worst thing that's ever happened to me in my life."

After a moment though Adam reached out to run his fingers through Kris's hair, and said quietly "You don't have to do that, you know. Unless you want to," Adam amended with a slight smile. "Because oh my fuck. But, you don't have to."

"I wanted to."

"You don't need to. The fact that you did though," Adam said, drawing his arms around Kris and hugging him tight as he pressed his lips into Kris's hair.

The fact that he did--that this one, this Kris Allen who could barely bring himself to wear a nice shirt, and whom Adam knew that, despite his past, was about as demure as a daisy when it came down to "fancier" things--

Well. Even though Adam knew Kris would never give Adam the reasons why, Adam thought he could guess them; and it was the intention of the gift from someone like Kris, more than the hotness of the gift itself, that made Adam close his eyes, and wonder what in the world he had ever done to deserve this.