March 15th, 2011

Kind of Blue

Title: Kind of Blue
Kradam. PG. From the M&D universe.
Disclaimer: Don't know these people. Never happened.
Note: sort of a light, unserious one this time.

"Damn dude, I just knowed that the ol' HBIC would totes throw down."

Saturday night on a balmy evening in November, where their heretofore rather quiet household had burst into a veritable fireworks display of noise and people and music and fine food (and drink, natch) as Adam Lambert and Kris Allen finally and at last held their long-awaited housewarming party for a list of select guests, including Allison Iraheta (!) and Katy Perry (!!) and other sundry people in the music industry, though not scorning old friends from the days of yore, including Brad "Cheeks" Bell (who to Kris's surprise had kissed Kris on the cheek in a fluffy feathered greeting and had thrust into his hand a bottle of something that Kris just knew would be stronger than Everclear) and Cassidy Haley (at whom Kris had frozen a little in confusion when he recognized the handsome face that had kissed Adam in the picture that Simon had shown Kris but who had smiled congenially at Kris when he introduced himself, before embracing Kris in a warm fragrant hug as he said kindly "Well no wonder Adam's been AWOL for the last couple of months, love") and of course, the intrepid gangsta from down East LA, J-dogg Gabriel Martinez himself, who had pointed and laughed at Kris's outfit upon greeting (the same outfit Kris had worn when Adam took him to that fancy restaurant that one time) before saying "Damn dude, I guess the HBIC done showed you how to get pretty 'n shit, huh? Dayuuuum."

Kris of course wasn't used to being around so many people at once, especially in his own home; but since he was one of the hosts, he found the wherewithal to be congenial and accommodating and social to all their guests, especially since Adam, dressed like a glam version of a squire and smiling that thousand-watt smile of his, kept cutting excited blue eyes to Kris all throughout the evening and well, Adam's enthusiasm was infectious, to say the least.

Though it had been slightly embarrassing when Adam would introduce Kris to the industry people at the party and wax long about Kris's unbelievable musical talent, even as Katy Perry (dressed in an outfit that might have been a leather handkerchief and just, wow) smiled at Kris with approval and had said to Adam "Well I'm sure he is, love, since I know your good taste doesn't extend to just clothes" or something like that but Kris really couldn't take in what she said because he was too busy staring at her legs. Just, wow.

J-dogg of course made himself right at home, chatting up Katy and Allison like they were old friends (especially Allison, where J-dogg and she comradely broke into a staccato of Spanish and then laughed and hugged each other as though they'd been born from the same womb) before hitting on some of the older guys there, producer types who no doubt had wives and kids but who seemed more than happy (way more than happy, as a matter of fact) to have a gorgeous blue-eyed half-Latino boy flirting with them as though they still retained a patina of their long-lost youth.

All in all it was rather fun, Kris had to admit, especially when J-dogg broke out his "housewarming gift" and the joints began to be passed around, where at some point Kris found himself sitting on their couch bookended by Brad and Cassidy as they curled up next to him cosily and interrogated him in an almost flirtatious way, especially Cassidy, who took the by-now stoned Kris's hand in his and smiled at Kris with weed-warm eyes as he said "Why haven't I seen you in WeHo before? Brad did tell me that you got around."

"Shit oh dear," Brad replied to that, rolling his eyes and reaching across Kris's lap to slap Cassidy on the knee. "That's not exactly what I said, you whore. And anyway it's not like he was around that long before our mutual friend swiped him up and made every Daddy in WeHo weep bitter fail-whale tears of scorn at their loss."

But before Kris could reply to this J-dogg swaggered up to them with a forty of Old English 800 in his hand, then pointed his finger and laughed at the trio as he said "Oh my God, goddam. If it ain't Adam Lambert's harem! Damn dude, you one a HBIC's bitches too?" J-dogg asked Cassidy, at which Cassidy immediately dropped Kris's hand, smiled at J-dogg, and said "No, I haven't had that honor. However," he added, eyeing J-dogg up and down with appreciation, "I suppose I could always console myself with someone else, if you know what I mean."

Right then though Kris saw a rather put-out Adam storm up to J-dogg, grasp him by the collar, then drag him away, where they had a short conversation in the corner that Kris couldn't hear over the music thumping in the background but which consisted of Adam waving his hands at J-dogg in exasperation and then pointing in the direction of the couch, to which J-dogg nodded, cracked a smile, and said something that looked like You know it, HBIC.

"Come on then," J-dogg said after a minute when Adam stalked off from him and J-dogg came back to the couch to yank on Kris's arm. "You gonna give me a tour a your place, ain't you?"

"But we were having fun," Brad scowled now, dropping his cigarette into his empty glass. "Go pick on someone your own size, you thug."

"You traitor," Cassidy said to J-dogg in mock resentment when J-dogg jerked Kris up from the couch. "I thought you were going to console me."

"Later, baby," J-dogg replied to him with a wink, before dragging Kris off while he said to him "Damn dude, I just knowed that the ol' HBIC would totes throw down."

However once Kris had taken J-dogg to the studio (J-dogg nodding appreciatively at the recording equipment and instruments here and there) and then afterward leading him to the study, J-dogg shut the door behind them, sat down in Kris's chair, and then said to him "You better watch out, K-Sizzle. Ol' HBIC means to kill."

"What?" Kris asked, snapping his head up from his guitar that he'd picked up out of habit.

"I mean ol' HBIC isn't liking it too much that dudes are getting cozy wichoo. Thought he was gonna punch ol' Cute Guy in the face or something for a minute, but that ain't all."

"You mean he's jealous?" Kris asked then, setting his guitar back down in its stand and flopping cross-legged on the ground next to J-dogg.

"Yeah. Which is I guess why he told me to get you away from Cute Guy and make you show me 'round your place--which is fuckin sweet, by the way," J-dogg added, looking around the room. "Goddam dude, you totally scored, and I don't mean just 'cause you got yourself some Adam Lambert HBIC cock and shit."

"But why would he be jealous?" Kris asked now, glancing up at J-dogg's face with a frown. "I mean Cassidy is like an old friend of his," Kris added with some irony, "and--I mean--"

"Aw Christ," J-dogg broke in, shaking his head. "Don't you even get it, dude? You one hot hottie--especially tonight, all dressed up and cute and shit--and I mean damn dude I'd even hit some a that, 'cept that you're too young and short for me," J-dogg added with a wink. "But it wasn't just ol' Cute Guy--Cassidy, you say his name was? Damn. But it wasn't just him looking at you like you like a damn dog at a bone. Was just 'bout every damn dude in the house yo, and I think ol' HBIC is kinda sad and frustrate that you been smiling and laughing with them all night and hardly saying a word to ol' HBIC himself."

"But he was busy talking to his friends," Kris replied, though he couldn't help but notice a tad of petulance in his voice as he said those words. "And I was just being nice to people, you know? I wasn't....I wasn't flirting with anybody."

"That don't matter," J-dogg said with a shrug as he took a sip from his forty. "At least, not to HBIC. Alls he knows is that everybody wants ta swoop down on his bitch, and while he likes that in a way, he also don't like it neither. Not atall."

"Well what should I do, make out with him in front of everybody?" Kris asked as he stared down at the hardwood floor of the study.

"Just as long as you're sure nobody from TMZ is here," J-dogg replied with a grin. "Or anybody with a camera phone."

"I missed you," Kris said now, reaching out and laying his arm across J-dogg's knee.

"Oh son don't even go inta that, 'cause Jesus I still ain't found me a roommate who ain't a loser piece a shit and who ain't gonna wipe his mocos on the wall or something," J-dogg replied, taking Kris's hand and squeezing it tight.

"Like you don't."

"Oh fuck no, you punk!" J-dogg cackled at that with a merry gaze. "But yeah," he added, leaning down and wrapping his other arm around Kris's neck. "You and me, we brothers for lyfe, K-Sizzle. Which means you gotta let me come over any time I want and record some tracks in your sweet studio."

"You know it," Kris smiled, resting his head against J-dogg's and shaking J-dogg's hand like it was a done deal.

After that they both got up and exited the room, where Kris found Adam chatting up someone or another with a full drink in his hand but his eyes darting here and there until they snagged onto Kris's, whereupon Adam's eyes sort of hooded over like they sometimes did when Kris knew Adam was trying to hide something, and at which Kris found himself stepping straight up to Adam, smiling at him, and then taking Adam's face in his hands before standing on his tiptoes to plant a kiss square on Adam's mouth.

"What in the fuck was that for," Adam said with vodka breath when Kris released him at last (after a shout of merry hoots from the room at large) and grinned at Adam.

"Oh, only just that I want everybody to know you're mine, you know," Kris answered, gazing at Adam through his lashes in a way that Kris had by now found out was irresistible to Adam.

Because even though Kris was sort of resentful about Adam's possible jealousy, all the same he thought he understood it, since there have been few times in the last six or so months where Kris hadn't been certain that any day, at any time, Adam would leave him in the dust for better and brighter things; and to Kris, that was just unimaginable.

Especially when, after the kiss, and Kris's words, Adam looked down at him with that gas-ring gaze as though there were nobody else in the room: a blue that promised everything once this party was over at last, and which was a promise that Kris held onto, the way his memory had held onto the vision of that gorgeous, beloved face on TV, long before Adam Lambert had even known that Kris Allen existed.